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A designer’s schedule is full, juggling different projects, clients and timelines. In the mind of the client, there is no room for error. They want to feel like your ONLY client.

Every project presents its own unique set of circumstances. Your job is a blend of creative, technological and organizational skills. Here are three design mistakes to avoid in 2019 that will also increase your productivity and decrease stress.

Not utilizing online tools to assist you with your project

New software and apps are introduced daily, so learn which ones are best for project and time management. Here are a just a few top-rated apps that can help you get and stay organized.

  • Wunderlist – This app will help you to set and manage install dates, rank tasks by priority and degree of completion, and add sub-tasks to help break big projects down into small assignments. You can even add photos to each to-do list, which will help you be clear in making assignments and specific in tracking progress.
  • Homestyler Interior Design app – This app will help your clients visualize their space with an image without having to alter the physical space. It’s also shareable, so you can view and comment on the work of others, and, more importantly, share your work with clients or collaborators in real time.
  • Evernote – This app is a web-based project management app that you can use to handle day-to-day tasks while keeping an eye on the overall project.

Not managing client expectations

Managing client expectations is a vital skill for designers. You’ve worked hard to build a client base, so it’s important to keep them satisfied. Your reputation is everything and can quickly spread within your clients’ professional and social circles, so here’s a bit of guidance to help keep it intact.

  • Pre-install/pre-delivery preparedness – Have all the measurements of elevators, staircases, and angles of the landings/hallways been confirmed, to ensure a smooth delivery and ease of entrance?
  • Natural leather, wood and stone variations – The unique qualities of natural products distinguish your design choices from case goods and cookie cutter looks. However, the product you receive make not always look like the image you shared with your client. Make sure you communicate upfront that the final product may look slightly different than the image, but will be an equally beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece.
  • Estimated dates of completion – Once the sale is complete, design showrooms and factories provide you with estimated dates of completion. Setting realistic expectations can prevent client frustration as the move-in draws near. Case goods ship much more quickly that custom pieces. U.S. pieces are received sooner than merchandise coming from Europe, which includes additional time on the water and clearing U.S. customs. Communicate to your client that ALL dates are estimations.
  • Scheduling and supervising installs – Schedule deliveries so that you can personally be onsite at the time of the install. This ensures you can inspect and make sure that the merchandise gets placed in the home in a professional manner. Be prepared to address the shipping conditions of delicate linens, drapery or upholstery that have been packed and folded. Ironing, steaming or brushing may be required on velvets and silks to complete the desired look. Being on the job prior your client’s arrival will help you realize the visual your client expected.

Not choosing the right white glove delivery carrier

Many designers have experienced a carrier that mishandled or damaged goods while delivering valuable pieces to their clients. Busy designers need to know that their carrier is reliable, has professionally-trained movers that will go the extra mile to ensure the move-in happens with no issues, and that their clients will be pleased with the outcome.

“This is why it’s critical to choose a white glove delivery service that has a great reputation among designers.”

The design community chooses K&K Transfer because we understand the demands you face from your high end clientele. Dedicated to the design trade for 32 years, let K&K Transfer be your white glove delivery partner, help you avoid issues, and ensure a successful move-in for your clients.

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